Forum Icons on Chrome

The icons of the forum can't be seen on Chrome while it appears on Internet Explorer and Firefox. Does anyone know why is that so?

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Dnn user redirect after authentication

I am customizing a dnn 7 edition and I would like that after the users login, each to be redirected to a page, depending on its role. Where can I assign each page to a role from admin menu? It ther...

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Button click event in JQuery UI dialog in DNN Module

Hi All, I am creating modules using DNN C# compiled module template. I have created jquery ui dailog in my view.ascx . I have placed two buttons one for save data into database another one is ca...

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DNN Error Codes

Hello. I have recently taken over a DNN website with 16 child sites. As I try to work through the site I have found myself getting error codes and having general issues with the site. I am lookin...

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DotNetNuke.RadEditorProvider inserts line breaks

I am creating a new announcement. The DotNetNuke.RadEditorProvider inserts an additional br></br> in the following HTML: Jubilee Social<br />- CyberWatch<br />- ViewPoint Planning<br />- Nomina...

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Column issues on Forum_vw_ForumUsers view

On the Forum_vw_ForumUsers view are still the columns EnableDisplayInMemberList and EnablePM that are no longer on the Forum_Users table about the Features are replaced with social Features.

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Access denid issue in IE9

I have done upgrade my site to DNN version 7.0.5 . But now occasionally display the Access denied message for the admin/Host users when click on site(menu or anywhere in the site). However site i...

Id #24821 | Release: None | Updated: Oct 21, 2013 at 8:47 AM by aarsys | Created: Oct 21, 2013 at 6:02 AM by Gamith

PostConnector.SubmitExternalPost has invalid overload

In 5.00.03 of the DNN Forum module, the overload of DotNetNuke.Modules.Forum.PostConnector.SubmitExternalPost(Int32 TabID, Int32 ModuleID, Int32 PortalID, Int32 UserID, String PostSubject, String P...

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Active Forums - free replacement for DNN Forum

I'm not sure who all here knows about this, so I figured I would take a minute and try to help. The is a module called Active Forums here on codeplex We have created a we...

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Forum permissions problem

Hello. I have problem with forum permissions. After creating new forum and set him role permissions the user has the necessary role don't sees this forum. But if he logout and login in my site for...

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